Manufacturers and Wholesalers/Distributors of party items, gag gifts, bachelorette and bachelor
party items.

Originator of the "SUCK for a BUCK" shirt and many others. 
We invented/created the first shirt in 1991.  

Today there are many companies who have copied our ideas and made cheap versions
of our products in cheap packaging.  We are constantly working on new products and
upgrading the quality of our existing products.

All our products have been created and tested in our own stores so we know they are good

Our parent company - COMSTOCK - has been in business since 1981 with retail locations,
fashion shows, and home parties.

Many products were produced by our company and sold for years in our retail locations. They
have a proven record as GOOD SELLERS and will do well in your store if you have the right
customer market.  If you sell gag gifts and especially bachelor/bachelorette party items, our
key item, the shirts, will be a big draw for customers to come to your store. Once there to pick
up a shirt they will buy all kinds of other items to decorate the shirt, the veil, and to generally
supply the entire party. These add-on sales that will increase sales volume is only the beginning.
If you handle our shirts your sales will grow and grow.

We have many other items we are currently developing to supplement this selection and to     
always keep customers coming back.
                             Thank you for visiting our wholesale site

Questions, comments, need assistance - please contact us by phone, e-mail, or fax. We do not maintain
a secretary that sets around to answer the phone - so please leave us a message and we will get back
with you. We prefer a fax message.

Telephone/Voice message: (319) 895-6499   Fax: (319) 895-6499  e-mail: rex@groovecity.com

This site is a wholesale site designed for store front retailers, home parties businesses, web site retailers, distributors, mail order companies, etc.

To enter our site you must provide us basic information as to who you are and provide us proof so that
we will sell wholesale to you. We need your tax information and federal ID number for our files and to
prove that you are a retailer or distributor.

Please complete the form below to enter our site. If you are a retail customer and wish to purchase our
products you may do so at www.party-party-party.net - you may buy from this retail web site or you
may find a list of retailers of our products in your area.


If your local gag gift party store does not carry our products, please suggest they do and send us a
referral e-mail and receive a cash reward if they open up an account with us.

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